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Great News:  I now offer editing videos!

Turn your images into something magical with a few awesome Photoshop techniques.

These videos are good for the novice just learning photoshop, and for the seasoned professional who is hoping to get a little more creative.

There are two choices for you:

a video in which I edit five of your unedited photos (RAW preferred but not required)


a video in which I edit five of my own photos


a mix of yours and mine

The cost is $150 for five custom images or $40 for one a la carte image.

I edit using Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Camera RAW.

**if you use PSE, please indicate that in the details box so I can make the video accordingly**

Won’t you come join me?

Video Type
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Alexis Starns - Hi there! I paid for your editing videos but forgot to leave a msg. I am so excited to see how you work! How do we get started? I think I’d like you to do 2 of my photos and 3 of yours. I especially love the one of the girl (your daughter?) next to the purple blooms on the tree. Let me know what you need from me to get started. Thanks so much and have a great night:)
Alexis Starns

Debbie Hahn - Hi, a couple questions: will the videos be streaming or downloaded, and will we have permanent access to them? Can we see a preview of which pictures you will edit (of yours)? And approximately how long are the videos?


Maria Wiggins - I purchased the editing video and would like to submit my own images to edit. Please let me know what to do next!

Thanks, Maria

Cindy Lewis - I absolutley LOVE your editing style and would love to see you work on my images… I love the drama and light so please do all your magic on mine!! I can’t wait… thanks for this opportunity!!


Carla Warnock - Hi Sally, I already purchased 5 of your videos and they were great! If I wanted to purchase another 5 – perhaps a mix of a couple of mine and yours, i’m assuming i would get different ones (of your work) than the previous 5 i already have. . .is this correct?

Also, how would i send the RAW files for my images to you? Google Drive?

Thank you so much :)
Carla Warnock

Denise - Probably an obvious question, but I was wondering if A La Carte includes the option to have one of your own images edited?
Your work is beautiful thank you for sharing what you have learned with others. :)

wessysmom - yes, totally fine!

Mellisa Pendleton - Paid~~~~ CAN NOT WAIT FRIEND!!!!

Tiffany Hamilton - I really love your style of editing. I am currently editing with Photoshop elements 10. Would you recommend me getting another editing system. Also, will this editing preview show exact steps of how to achieve that look?

Donna Keizer - I am interested in purchasing the video of your 5 edits, is this a downloaded video that I can view whenever I want? Sometimes it takes me a little while to absorb and understand the information. Your work is amazing!!

Tricia Hyde - Hello, I’m interested in the videos of you editing but I was just wondering if you have examples of pictures of what you would choose to edit? Some of the popular looks out right now I wouldn’t be interested in, but I love some of the looks you do.

Thank you so kindly, Tricia

Hassan Sheikh - Hi Sally,

Just wondering if I can go for a la carte option and want you to edit one of your image and one of my image? would this work? if so, would I pay total $80 for the video?

Many thanks,

Lori - Hi! Would I be able to use these techniques in Elements and Lightroom? Do we just email the raw files to you? I would like to do three of mine and two of yours I think! Thank you!

Lori - Hi! I left a comment earlier, but I don’t see it here. Just wondering if the techniques you are using will work with Elements and Lightroom? Thanks!

wessysmom - yes, most of the features shown can be done in LR (all the things I do in RAW) and in Elements. If you let me know when you send the RAWS that you use Elements so I can make the video Elements-friendly. :-)

Irma - Hi! I would love to see how you edit 5 of your own photos. When will the video be available?

Svetlana - I am also wondering about the videos, will I be able to download them?

Deborah andrini - Hi Sally
Im interested in purchasing your video. I’m ready to purchase but wanted to know how do I view them?

Thank you

phyllis motta - How long is each video?

wessysmom - yes, you can download them! they are yours forever!

wessysmom - you download them onto your computer and they are yours to keep as long as you wish. You will get a dropbox link.

wessysmom - Each picture is roughly 15 minutes, though that is only an average.

wessysmom - Hi there. All my videos are custom made for you so you can pick images of mine that you like and I will make videos of those images, or similar ones.

wessysmom - Most techniques will work in Elements; you just need to let me know so I can tailor the video accordingly. All the RAW edits are transferrable to LR.

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