Refining the Artist’s Edge

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This class is a boot-camp style, intense training course designed for photographers yearning for the ability to think and see more creatively.  During the three-month span, we explore many scenarios, pitfalls, habits, and handicaps that keep us from seeing the vast expanse of possibilities that exist right in front of us.  Through in-depth workbook reading and exercises, daily feedback and discussion on a private Facebook group, live and recorded videos, and genuine soul-searching, you will learn to overcome impediments, open your eyes to all the possibilities, and learn to visualize the potential of any given scenario, from shutter click to finished piece of art.  Once a month, Sally will host a shoot-out in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

sallykate workshop online photography

How it works:

The class is broken down into three month-long parts.  Students may choose to take one or all of the segments of the course.

  • Workbooks will be available for each active student, one per month.  Small exercises will be included throughout, and one assignment will be given each week.
  • Students are given access to a private Facebook group where access to class materials, exercises, live and recorded videos, and critique will take place.
  • Daily discussion, questions and picture shares are welcome and highly encouraged.
  • The weekly assignment will be submitted for formal critique, which will be recorded on video and posted by Sally.
  • Bonuses, videos, discount codes and more will be posted in the group at various times.
  • In-person shoot-out is optional but free for students.  If attendance is not an option, all shoot-outs will be recorded and posted.

Part One:  Observing and Recognizing the Possibilities | $350   VIEW FULL SYLLABUS

This segment will address locations, weather conditions, subjects, and other conditions in a variety of scenarios.  Common creativity impediments will be explored.  Using the elements of design and color theory, we will seek to overcome what masks our vision, and have our eyes opened to the potential that exists.  We will also explore how we can gain flexibility and expand our capabilities to better adjust to our circumstances.

Part Two: Maximizing the Potential of the Scene  | $350  VIEW FULL SYLLABUS

This segment will be all about “working” the scene before us, learning methods to make speedy assessments of what we have available, and how we can utilize them as much as possible to bring out the fullest potential.  Lenses, angles, viewpoints, compositions, and other lesser-used creative techniques will be explored in detail.  Also included is a discussion on personal vision and story-telling, and making your individual “story” strong.

Part Three:  Visualizing the Final Outcome  | $350 VIEW FULL SYLLABUS

The final segment will be all about processing!  Not just processing at the END, though!  We will discuss the importance of visualizing the end product while or even before taking the picture.  Various creative editing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop will be demonstrated, and exercises will include student picture-plays and discussion of how our individual vision and brand should ring loud and clear in our finished product.


Worried about time??

 This class will be intense, but NOT in the sense of having a lot of busywork or shooting requirements.  It will more of the soul-searching variety.:) Assignments and exercises are built to complete WHILE you are doing your thing, whether that be parenting, traveling, shooting clients, or any number of other activities and commitments.  While you should expect the course to challenge your thinking and your vision, it does not require a large number of time-stealing obligations.



3-month Package SOLD OUT.  Monthly slots will be available on a limited basis.


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